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Nebraska Business Aviation Association
Nebraska Business
Aviation Association

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Membership Categories and Descriptions

Regular Member

Any individual who derives 50% or greater of his/her income from Business Aviation. They may be employed by a company owning, selling, leasing, operating, chartering or maintaining a business aircraft used in the conduct of business or a company which sells equipment or services associated with a business aircraft used in the conduct of business. 

Corporate Member

Any business who derives 50% or greater of their income from Business Aviation, or owns or operates an aircraft registered in the USA for business purposes. A designated representative will be considered a REGULAR member and shall have vote privileges.

Retired Member

A person who was a Regular or Associate Member in good standing and retired from employment in the field of Business Aviation may continue participation as a Retired Member so long as he/she maintains good standing in the Association.

Affiliate Member

Any individual who is employed by an association, such as the Nebraska Department of Transportation or the Federal Aviation Administration.

Student Member

The student membership is complimentary and provides membership for an individual who annually maintains, and confirms to NeBAA, full time student status. Student Members do not have voting privileges.  Even though this is a complimentary membership, students must annually renew their membership to maintain their Student Membership status in the current year.

Honorary Member

A person may be elected an Honorary Member of the Association by a majority affirmative vote of the Board, if in their opinion, that person has made a noteworthy contribution in the field of aviation, or in particular, to Business Aviation or to the work of the Association. An HONORARY Member shall be exempt from the payment of dues and shall not be able to vote.


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